Welcome to the Corpse Party: Different Story WikiEdit

!NOTICE! This wiki is ONLY based on information FROM the FANFICTION! This does not have any information on the real Corpse Party at all! If you see anything that isn't canon to the storyline, DON'T SAY ANYTHING! THIS NOTICE IS IMPORTANT!

What Is Corpse Party: Different Story?Edit

Corpse Party: Different Story (CP:DS for short) is a fanfiction based off the game Corpse Party Blood Covered Repeated Fear. The sequeal to the fanfiction has recently been made, based off of Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Though we like to call the fanfiction CP:DS:BD for short. You can find both these stories on Corpse Party: Different Story 3 is a followup of Different Story 2, it is not based on any game and will follow it's on storyline. Corpse Party: Different Story 4 and 5 are indeed confirmed aswell, although they haven't been started on. you can find the fanfictions on Key: F=Finished SGO=Still Going On

Link To Corpse Party: Different Story (CP:DS) (F)=

Link To Corpse Party: Different Story 2: Blood Drive (CP:DS2:BD) (F)=

Link to Corpse Party: Different Story 3: Changing Fate (CP:DS3:CF) (SGO)=

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